Sunday, January 4, 2015

My review Something To Dream On By Diane Rinella

My review Something To Dream On  By Diane Rinella

Pure magic flowed from the tips of Diane Rinella's fingers into the book as she stroked each key. As an enchantress would, she left me spellbound by the flow and weaving of her words into an astonishing novel. The characters are relatable with deep scars and flaws but just as deep love and admiration for life. I raced through the pages and the closer I got to the end the more I wanted it to last forever.  A true feel good book that made me feel like anything's possible. 

If a painting in the home of your perfect man reflects your dreams of doom, do you run, or do you dare to embrace love?

While Lizetta lives a life of compassion, childhood bullying over a few extra pounds have caused this sparky woman to lose sight of the beauty of her soul. Jensen’s recent past is filled with substance abuse, shady morals, and loose women. A brutal wake up call forced him to find his way back to the gentle soul he once was; however, there are some whose futures depend on the return of the demon.

Souls can heal, but how long can they fight the forces that seek to destroy them? If one of those forces is the person who shattered your self-image, and she is determined to take down the one you love, could you still believe that everyone deserves a second chance?

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Diane Rinella


Enjoying San Francisco as a backdrop, the ghosts in Diane’s 150-year old Victorian home augment the chorus in her head. With insomnia as their catalyst, these voices have become multifarious characters that haunt her well into the sun’s crowning hours, refusing to let go until they have manipulated her into succumbing to their whims. Her experiences as an actress, business owner, artisan cake designer, software project manager, Internet radio disc jockey, vintage rock n’ roll journalist/fan girl, and lover of dark and quirky personalities influence her idiosyncratic writing.