Review for Sweet Contradiction

Review for Sweet Contradiction

By:  Peggy Sue Martinez
Review by: Sammie
 Living the fast life isn’t always what you need even if you think you know what you need and want. Beth Michaels was perfectly happy traveling and (living) as she wanted on her own terms. She took off in her truck, getting as far away from the small town and her stifling parents as soon as she was old enough. Living perfectly happy until her best friend Jen calls on her to come home and help her through some unexpected struggles. What will she be facing when she returns to the small town she has spent so long running from? Beth doesn’t want to go back and face the pit of the hell world she left but her best friend needs her now.

 Sometimes there is a purpose bigger than what is in front of you. Bumping into the bible thumping Matt brings up some unexpected feelings. Beth can’t prepare herself for what’s coming and she has no idea how to face everything she’s against and stay true to herself.
People aren’t always as they seem and life can change at the drop of a hat. Matt is ready to give Beth a run for her money weather she’s ready or not.
I love that this isn’t your average book; I couldn’t help falling in love with the dynamic characters Peggy Sue Martinez builds. Facing real challenges we can relate to around every corner. I can’t wait to fall into her next book in this series.
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Review of Branded

 Branded By: Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicki

I was torn between reading fast and as much as I wanted and had to space out my reading because I didn't want this book to end!!! This amazing story is about greed, lust, hatred, fear, death, faith, hope and LOVE. Main character Lexi Hamilton is a true survivor of abuse and torture with crippling secrets. Lexi promises herself not to let anyone brake her, can she keep her promise?

The Hole is ruled by a sick twisted legal system and commander that thrives on torturing people until their only hope for peace is death itself. Unforeseen events take the main characters on the ride of their life they couldn't ever have expected. Can strength and weakness co exist in a guard of the Hole. Cole finds himself torn. Is there such thing as hope or light at the center of Hell in The Hole? This book is nothing short of greatness.                                       


                                                                                    ~ Sammie @ Honesty About Books
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