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The Romance Cover: Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Inherited Thorns (Th...

The Romance Cover: Friday Frights ~ PNR Review ~ Inherited Thorns (Th...: Reviewed by Shirley ~ 4 stars  ***ARC received for an honest review*** This is the debut novel from Sammie Sidelinger and is a series whi...

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Take a Chance On Something Original!

Have you ever taken a chance on a genre you don't usually read? Paranormal Romance isn't everyone's cup of tea but it is absolutely my shot of vodka!


Take a chance on a different genre. I wrote Inherited Thorns to be appealing to multi genres. What does it contain??? Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, New Adult, Adult, Urban Legends.

Feel the love, lust and lies stir between Acer and Haven.
Haven captures Acer as prisoner and promises to kill him on her coven's behalf.
How do you kill your twin flame once you've found him and ignore the pact you made with one of the deadliest warlocks on earth. Has Haven sealed her fate with the devil himself?
Acer can deal with the thought of his own demise. He is at peace with death and welcomes it often to stop the pain of being an empath. However while he's on his last mission as the enforcer before returning home to his family. He finds a teenager who's being used in unfavorable ways amongst the Green Emerald Warlocks. Katlynn the young teenager is used to make deals and trade for favors from other groups of warlocks. The only thing Acer knows is that he must free her from the daily hell she lives in. His gifts as an empathy make him feel her pain on an unimaginable level.

I'm the guitar and she's playing a love song to my hear, the wild animal caged within my ribs. -Acer Randall


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  In the first installment of the Empathetic Enchantments Series, you will find out what kind of shape shifter lies dormant within the Randall families heritage—one never before written about in this light.

          When trouble arises and laws must be implemented amongst the most powerful warlocks, an enforcer is sent in. Bad boy Acer Randall fears nothing—that is, except two things. The centuries-old family curse that transforms him into a bizarre freak of nature and the foreign emotions that stirs within himself by a seductive enchantress, Haven. Her pull, like that of a siren, cannot be ignored; yet for self-preservation he must stay away. Haven promised, on her coven's behalf, to end Acer's life, but can she bring herself to do what must be done when her feelings for him are so unbridled?

           How is it that Acer, one of the most in-tune empaths on earth, is unable to read Haven's emotions? Has she clued into Acer's truth and cast a spell from which he cannot break free?

Sammie Sidelnger

             Sammie Sidelinger, lives in the seasonal coastal state of Maine with her three amazing boys and her sweetheart she fell in love with while in middle school. Yes, in this instance the bad boy did work out for this girl next door. They are thrilled to raise their three handsome children in the place where if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes it will change. Sammie tries to look at life the same way as she does the weather. Nothing is permanent including work which she fortunately or as some may think, unfortunately found out, allowing her the time to follow her dreams. Her love for the supernatural and the stories passed through generations has encouraged her obsession with the paranormal to move forward with her writing. She feels like creativity sparks the flow of her blood stream, spilling her essence onto paper to share with others. When she isn't writing to purge her deep emotions you can find her spending time with her energetic young family (who embraces and encourages her level of crazy) or cuddled up devouring books. She would love to hear from readers and share their mutual love of the written word.
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Here's what reviewer's are saying!


By T London on May 2, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I am not a big fan of paranormal or shifter stories but this author asked me to beta read for her and I agreed. I know how hard she worked on this book to make it unique; she didn’t want to put out a run of the mill story about shifters that is predictable. She wanted a new element to such stories, she wanted to expose the element of empathy and the power it has to build and destroy a person. Since I was not a huge fan of the genre she challenged herself to write and rewrite this story till I was able to say, I am hooked, give me more.

Acer Randall let his family in order to find a way to deal with the “curse” that was handed down through the generations of his family. He has empathy to the point it cripples him at time, carrying the heavy loads of others emotions as his own has forced him to put the walls up and go forth in the job of enforcer against the powerful warlocks. He is a fierce defender, one that most are afraid of but he had to keep a constant control of his anger and conduct himself in the role he was assigned.

His heart has signaled that Haven is the woman to fulfill his desires but she isn’t as on board with his plan. While beautiful she is also in a position in life that mixing with Acer could prove disastrous. She does rescue him from a dangerous situation but that was with the promise she would put him to death by her own hands………the question is when the time comes is she able to keep that promise.

Make sure you grab your copy of this book now and be prepared for the next installment of Haven and Acer. I would really recommend this series to others like myself that are just not sure if shifter books are something they could enjoy. I know the author put a lot of effort into giving those of us a chance to find a shifter that is unique, investing and would give us exposure to a genre that is difficult to write and often ignored.


Verified Purchase     
This review is from: Inherited Thorns (The Empathetic Enchantments Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I wasn't sure how I was going to like this story at first, but the book sucked me in. I didnt want to put it down. I loved the characters and can't wait to read more by this author.


By Book Nook Nuts on May 25, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
New to me author.

We have some paranormal beings I have not read much of so that was nice. Acer is Native American and he is more than many bargain for. He has never wanted a woman until he meets Haven. Something is pulling him to her and when she takes him prisoner he finally gets her? or does he? He now wants what his buddy Blaze has but why?

His wings are always hidden but when Haven sees them what will he tell her? To himself he is a monster.
Can he have Haven forever though?

We have shifters, warlocks, witches and a bit more in this fantastic paranormal book. The author gives us action and some sexy hot passion. The story flows very nicely and the characters I enjoyed immensely especially their names and what unique abilities each have. The book however could use more editing as there are some hiccups in various areas but not enough to take away from the story.

I was gifted this book for my honest review.


By Author   Cori Williams on May 29, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
I haven't read paranormal or shifter books in a long time, so I wasn't sure what I was getting into when I first started this book. Let me just say I'm glad I did! The characters were wonderfully developed and I fell head first into the storyline and didn't want to come back up for air until I was completely finished. There was plenty of passion weaved in throughout the story, so the romance book lover in me was kept quite happy. I would definitely recommend checking out this fabulous author, you won't be disappointed!


A must read! By Marcia Fearing on May 20, 2015
Format: Paperback
I was asked to beta read this amazing book and I was lucky I was picked! If you love paranormal adult romance this is a book for you. I love the descriptions of characters and the history she shared. My most favorite part is the forest scene. You must read this to find out why it's my favorite part!



Loved the interaction between Acer and Haven
on June 6, 2015
Despite being somewhat confusing and hard to follow at times this was a good story. The author shows a real gift for descriptive language and the interaction between the two main characters was great. This was definitely a unique story.

on April 27, 2015

I loved this book and can not wait for future books by this author. I found it was very interesting and full of surprises. My paper copy is supposed to be delivered any minute, I can't wait!!!


Barnes and Noble
Posted April 23, 2015
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a friend of mine told me about her stumbling over this book new

A friend of mine told me about her stumbling over this book new book new author so I decied to give it a try I am so glad I did wow what a find I was so into the book I just sat and read it was wonderful she had me hooked this author and her book was great is great if only women had an acer in their life every women who be happy.