Saturday, September 21, 2013

Books to Help Unchain Your Soul

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Natural healing is a key element to having a healthy mind and soul. Do you have self doubt, depression, negative thoughts wearing you down? I carry my Louise Hay pocket edition with me everyday referring to it often. Being someone who has lived with depression for as long as I can remember. It's not natural for me to think well of myself when I'm in the darkness of a downward spiral into the depths of my own personal Hell. When you feel good it's easy to stay positive and attract happiness. People who have never lived with a mental illness should not state they understand until they have lived it for themselves. Not understanding is ok unless you're judging the person who's trudging through life regardless of how they feel. It is the weak that pick on the less fortunate and struggling. The strength it takes one person to make it through a day could be comparable to going to battle everyday. The battle begins in the moments before you open your eyes. The dread of getting out of bed to face another day is more than I can bear to think of on too many days to count. The magic pills prescribed may help but have never fixed the problem. Is the law of attraction the answer? Positive thoughts, self help?

What makes people so unhappy they bully others? Does their own unhappiness drive them to hate the world and put the need of putting others down to make themselves feel better? The poor treatment of others is something I have never understood. However I put peoples feelings above my own which causes me great pain. We are not perfect.

Is perfection attainable in this life or would we already be on the other side if we learned all lessons life has to offer? We all once thought everything about ourselves was perfect. It was life and the way we perceived it that changed us.

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