Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review of Scary Modsters ***** 5 Stars!!!

Honesty About Books gives Scary Modsters and Creepy Freaks ***** 5 stars

 Scary Modsters wasn't a book I would usually read but I loved it! This story of love and loss will stay with me for a long time. I really want more not because it didn't provide closure but because I just finished the book and I miss the quirky personalities of the characters already! I consider myself a book snob, I haven't been able to get into anything lately, there haven't been any books that stand out and gain my interest with the exception of this one.

Peter a rock and roll star with deep love that lasts longer than most could ever pray to experience for even an hour. Tragically his life is snubbed out at the peak of his career and love life. Love beats all odds if you can feel them which brings me to Niles who's a perfect fit for Roslyn but are the feelings mutual? Will Roslyn find the security and love she so needs and deserves in Niles the handsome, successful business man in who appears to be a perfect fit.

Rosalyn's so adorable and I think most people meet a Rosalyn who walks to the beat of their own music. Well done Diane Rinella, Scary Modsters is different from most books I've read. It's original, quirky and written beautifully and she always delivers a great message!

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