Friday, May 1, 2015

You Are The Key Player in The Baseball Game of Books

Not Just a Reader

You are not just a reader... You are the reason writers write. We all have different reasons that we start out writing and different driving forces that keep us going. We write because you read our books, want them and tell others about what you think. You may not feel like you are important but you are the key player in the baseball game of writing!
I'm the little guy up to bat. I'm looking around at this HUGE crowd. The crowd that's surrounding me and I feel completely naked. I have the Babe Ruth's of writing out on the diamond. They are all swinging the bat and pitching their books.
My elbows are weak from holding the bat up so long, legs wobbly from running to get here, I'm a bit out of breath and feeling a tad insecure. I need a little cheering from the crowd to help me. Writers aren't looking for you to swing the bat for them. Most authors have already done mounds of prep work and practiced running around the bases. Poured thousands of hours of their life into the work. I even stood in front of a bunch of people before it was my turn to be up to bat. Several of those people tell authors along the way that they didn't like the way we stand, our swing was too slow, too fast, not accurate enough. They critique and point out the posture that looks best, the pace at the right speed and make sure our vision is clear. All of these things happened to help us grow as the nervous batter into a Babe Ruth. I welcomed the coaches to be hard on me and to tell me what I needed to hear, even if it hurt sometimes. As long as the coaches intention was for me to hit a homerun.
I had a player on my team who was brutal and said things that hurt my feeling but I'm glad they did because those hurt feelings made me work my ass off. It discouraged me for awhile but I realized, not every team member wants you to win. I picked myself up, brushed the dirt off and trained harder. I like to prove myself and challenge myself.
That incident brought me to a friend who told me the same things but in a way that didn't hurt or crush me. They made me better prepared and helped challenge me. This person improved my stamina to run the long haul. She wanted to ensure I nailed a homerun.
I ran faster and harder to be that much better. Several of my coaches are amazing people and put up with my insecurities but they challenged me and helped me mold my glove. These batters pay people to make sure the inside of the ball is perfect, our outside stands out and we deliver the perfect product. So the fans want to support us and the coaches are proud.
 Why? Because we love to hear the fans/readers scream that we hit a homerun! Yes, my three children play baseball and right now we are living, eating, breathing BASEBALL! Ha, ha, ha!
My real baseball players
What can you do to help your favorite player hit a homerun? A ton! We write for you and we would love to hear you cheer.
Readers, bloggers, friends, family, coaches, editors, cover artist, proof readers, beta readers and anyone else that wants to help. You all can make a difference for your favorite author or one that you care about.
We as writers want to have everyone read our book. In reality, I know my book may not be for everyone. Adult Paranormal Romance is the genre I chose. Of course I picked the hardest genre to break into. You may not be a fan of this but still want to support me. Maybe you don't like romance or paranormal. Baseball was not my thing either but I went to the games and cheered for my boys because I love them and you know what? I grew to LOVE baseball! (Yes, I yell loud and proud)
Here is a list of things you can do to help.
 1. Read the book and tell others. Word of mouth is the best way to let others know about a fantastic author!

2. Leave an honest review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Ibooks, Createspace and anywhere else you can find this book. On only one sales platform or all of them, we appreciate it. Even if you don't like the book leave a review. Someone else may love the book or want to read it because of the reasons you don't like it.
Leave a Review

3. If you don't want to leave a review, rate it with stars, five for fantastic through one being terrible and would not recommend it to others. Customers read reviews! Fellow readers like to know what others think. If you didn't like the book and don't want to leave a review.... Reach out to the author and nicely tell them why it wasn't your favorite. This can help them evolve. Constructive feedback is important to help us grow as writers.

Maybe you ordered a book, it was shipped and damaged in transit and you're not happy. Please know that is not the author but the company who shipped the item to you. A negative review about something out of the authors control brings down their rating and damages their sales.

Reviews are a tip for the author. Do you leave one for your wait staff at a restaurant? I do also and I base it on their performance as a server not on what happened out in the parking lot.
 4. Subscribe to the authors newsletter.

5. Follow the author on Amazon, ect.

 6. Add their books to your wish list. I have been informed, that by fifteen people adding the same book, this action triggers Amazon to recommend it to other readers with the same taste.

7. Follow them on social media.

8. Like and or share sales. If the author is an Independent, they have paid all expenses out of their own pocket. Editing, proof readers, advertising, promotional Items, stock photos, graphic designers, cover artist and the cost of living as an artist that does not get paid unless they sell books.

(If you drink coffee... You pay this much to have the taste nestled on your tonged for a maybe at most a half an hour or less if you are my husband. You can have hours of reading enjoyment for that price.)

9. Add or rate the book on Goodreads. Thousands of people are on there.

I know this all sounds like a ton of things but this doesn't take very much time and YOU Are the key player in the baseball game of books can help an author achieve their dreams. <3

P.S. If you ever share anything of mine. I always like, comment and share. Please tag me so I can help you also.



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How is it that Acer, one of the most in-tune empaths on earth, is unable to read Haven's emotions? Has she clued into Acer's truth and cast a spell from which he cannot break free?
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