Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Winners!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to The Winners!!!!!!

Thank you all for entering the giveaway. Rafflecopter chose these lucky winners!!! <3
Bitch Charm Bracelet
 **Hayley Harmon Peters
Gail McHugh- 1-Ebook of Collide / 1-Ebook of Pulse Winner
 **Lyka Tan
K.A. Tucker - 1 Ebook Copy of One Tiny Lie Winner
 **Stephanie Sacon Ratcliff
Gina Maxwell -1 Ecopy Seducing Cinderella
 **Stephanie Cason Ratcliff
Nikki Sex  - $10.00 Amazon Gift card 
**Kathy Alfred
Joanne Brothwell - 3 winners 1 - Ebook copies of Stealing Breath & 1- Ebook copies Silencing Breath
** Cassey Roy Terlecki
** Mary Lo Moench
** Lilith Nyx
Angela Orowski-Pert -PRIZE: 2 sets of 3 ebooks currently published in the Forged series Origins &Forged by Legacy: Beginnings
** Stacey Price                 
 **Kristen Ervin
Ashley Beal- 1-Ebook Burning Attraction
** Sarah MrKellankyle Somerhalder Lowery
M.L. Stephens- 1- Ebook  Bare Assets
**Amanda Ludwig
Abigail & Missy-1- Autographed copy of Branded 
**Laurie Goudge
 1- Ebook Branded**
**Andie Wardlow
Glenna Maynard- Winner's choice of one of her ebooks.
 **Samantha Kirby
L.P. Dover- There are 6 prizes  1-copy of choice  from the following:   Forever Fae, Betrayals of Spring, Summer of Frost,  Love's Second Chance or Love, Lies, and Deception    ( There was an error on this prize) I'm sorry for the confusion.
6 winners
** Christina Arpin
** Jacquie Johnson
**Shaun Stanton Brinkhurst
**Heather Ricketts
** Amy Hart
 **Tammy Campbell  
Jenna Pizzi- 1- Ebook The Long Road Home
**Karen Pacheco
P.J. Beldon - 1 Ebook Protective Love
 **Erika L Rhodes
DeAnna Kinney   3- Ebooks of Charity Moon
**  Angela Love 
**Kristen Ervin            
**Estella Robinson
Sarah Daultry  1 - Forget Me Not & Swag Pack
**Jera Baker
Tonya Callahan   winners 1- $5.00 Amazon gift card 
**Darrin Campbell
1-  eBook from CTR up to $2.99 winner's choice
**Mara Mend
B.J. Harvey- 1- EBook  Temporary Bliss
** Alexandra Elaine
Gabbier S. Duran -1- Ebook of your Choice up to 2.99 & An ARC of Unspoken Memories
** Patty J. Lucier
Janice Baker- 1 Ebook Promise, Promises
**Kelly Breaux
Diane Rinella - Ebook
 **Gaoly Thao

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